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Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction, transformation and liberation. She represents the state of non-existence that precedes creatiion.


Kalie is the complete circle of life. She provides change, hope, courage, rebirth, joy and cleansing.


Burn when you wish to complete a cycle, when you are ready to create change and when you wish to cleanse, release and transmute lower energies.


Shipping, Returns and Exchange Policies:

  • All Sales are Final. No Refunds
  • I do not accept returns or exchanges. Because of the handmade quality of these products (especially candles) some slight variation will exisit. 
  • Please make sure you double check your shipping address. If the correct address is not given, I will not he held responsible for incorrect shipping address. 
  • Processing time for orders to ship is 1-3 days. Shipping is USPS first class shipping.
  • No international shipping at this time.


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