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During a Reiki session, you relax, fully clothed on a massage table or seated. Through light, gentle, non-invasive touch and compassionate intention I will work on balancing the energy in and around your body. After your Reiki Treatment, Intuitive Reiki sessions include an energetic field reading and messages from energy to assist in your healing process.


I will connect with the world of Spirit with your permission, accessing information with intuitive awareness. These sessions are customized and can sometimes include sound healing, field clearing and oracle card pulls. These sessions include messages from your energy field with follow-up information on how to continue the work after the session.


DISCLAIMER: Any intuitive information I bring forth is for your consideration only. I expect you to use your discernment when interpreting the intuitive information provided. I am committed to honoring your Free Will at all times. The intuitive spiritual information is subject to your own personal interpretation and judgement, including any actions you take. The information provided does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice.



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