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Hathor is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess who created and maintains all life on Earth.  She represents love, beauth, pleasure and the arts. 


Hathor encourages life celebrations and central to all of Hathor's aspects is joy.


Burn when desiring authentic self-expression, creative freedom, and to attract the sensual gifts that life has to offer. 



Shipping, Returns and Exchange Policies:

  • All Sales are Final. No Refunds
  • I do not accept returns or exchanges. Because of the handmade quality of these products (especially candles) some slight variation will exisit. 
  • Please make sure you double check your shipping address. If the correct address is not given, I will not he held responsible for incorrect shipping address. 
  • Processing time for orders to ship is 1-3 days. Shipping is USPS first class shipping.
  • No international shipping at this time.


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